Green Freight Europe Label

General Information

Green Freight Europe recognises companies that demonstrate leadership in green freight practices for their entire road freight supply chain. The program rewards members with the Green Freight Europe label. 


The Green Freight Europe label is composed of four leaves. With each leaf Green Freight Europe motivates member companies to raise the bar. The label provides all stakeholders with a good indication of members with a successful strategy and CO2 efficiency improvement. 

A transport company that is recognised with four leaves has demonstrated sustainable improvement in CO2 reduction for its transport on own account and outsourced transport activities. A leaf 4 company that procures transport activities has successfully implemented a supply chain strategy aimed at improving environmental performance. 

 GFE Label


Leaf Application 

As a member you can apply for the GFE leaf by providing information that demonstrates your performance to an assessor. 

You will have the choice to apply for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Leaves. In 2014 Leaf 1 was introduced. The leaves 2-4 will be implemented in 2015.

Interested to join and apply for a leaf? You can register for membership directly by clicking here. Please feel free to get in touch with our Secretariat to understand the benefits of joining the Green Freight Network.