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The road to sustainable transport

GreenFreight Europe aims to be recognized as the leading independent voluntary program for improving environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe. Initiated in 2009 and launched on March 27th 2012 our organization has grown to more than 110 multinational carriers, shippers and logistics service providers.




Monitoring and reporting of environmental performances of freight transport to the next level

Fraunhofer IML and Green Freight Europe (GFE) together will develop new research on sustainable logistics systems and strategies. The organizations hope to generate new insights will better monitor and improve the environmental performances of freight transport in Europe.


Review | Green Freight Europe Open Day 2014

Hörsching, 12th March 2014 – With the great support of Schachinger Logistik, this year’s host of the Green Freight Europe (GFE) Open Day and Annual General Meeting, an exciting, and for some eye opening, event was organized. An event to further promote sustainability efforts of the European transport sector. To show their commitment and to take home valuable knowledge to enhance efforts to decrease emissions, more than 70 companies from all over Europe came together.