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The road to sustainable transport

GreenFreight Europe aims to be recognized as the leading independent voluntary program for improving environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe. Initiated in 2009 and launched on March 27th 2012 our organization has grown to more than 110 multinational carriers, shippers and logistics service providers.




European label for sustainable transport awarded

Green frontrunners awarded for taking steps in reporting and reducing emissions

Green Freight Europe (GFE) has awarded European companies with its ‘first leaf’ - an award given to companies that have shared CO2 data and information on policies, strategy and intentions to reduce CO2 emissions from transport operations. Heineken, IKEA, Krummen Kerzers and Aviko were among the awarded*. Read more...

Global Green Freight Action Plan presented at UN Climate Summit

On the occasion of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit the supporters* of the joint statement, announced their commitment to participate in the development and implementation of a Global Green Freight Action Plan, to be launched by December 2014.